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Are you a fan of RPGs and your friends are all board gamers? Looking for the right RPG to introduce them to the world of play-to-find-out-what-happens? A Thousand Faces of Adventure was designed for you.

When new players sit down to play, there's no hundred-page tome they're expected to navigate, just familiar-looking board game components. The GM can walk the players through a well-tested ten-step process that creates the characters and their world in 45 minutes.

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Install instructions

Thanks for volunteering to participate in the A Thousand Faces of Adventure playtest. Included in this package are the print-and-play Guides, Deckahedron cards, and Move Cards.

After you run a session, I would very much appreciate if you could answer the questions written on the bottom of the GM Worksheet and email them back to me.

The more feedback I can collect, the better a game can be made. And don't be shy about negative feedback -- that's actually the most important kind.


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